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    Welcome to the Appchkrs support forum


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    Welcome to the Appchkrs support forum Empty Welcome to the Appchkrs support forum

    Post by Jime on Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:50 pm

    Welcome to this forum for questions and answers about the Appchkr family of software by Nova Software, Inc. This includes the premium type, appchkr itself, and the specialty types dbchkr, facilitychkr, networkchkr, securitychkr, serverchkr, sohochkr, and testchkr.  Please search the forum first for your question to see if it has already been answered and save yourself some time. If it has not been asked then please post it.  Questions should focus on factual issues about anything that installs as part of an Appchkr (i.e. is in the downloaded install file), or on the related website pages.  Thanks, JimE.

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