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    Restart Appchkrs after Windows 10 update.


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    Restart Appchkrs after Windows 10 update.

    Post by Jime on Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:44 am

    Windows 10 in many cases updates itself automatically, and some earlier versions of Windows may also do so (often the default.)  If such a machine is running an Appchkr and/or the Appchkr UWI these programs will be stopped by the machine reboots (restarts) that occur as part of the update.  Restart the programs after such an update to keep checking and the UWI running.  

    Windows 10 can be prevented from auto-updating by marking the machine's network connection as "metered" under the "change connection properties" link in the settings section "Network and Internet".  This change can be made to either a wired (ethernet) or WiFi connection.   Doing so will prevent prevent unannounced loss of checking due to auto-updates.  Uncheck the metered connection and initiate an update manually at a time of your choice to keep Windows up to date.  Remember to recheck the metered connection box once the update and its reboot are complete.

    It is also possible to create a task in the Windows task scheduler that will automatically start the UWI and Appchkrs after a reboot.  This solution still leaves a short period during the auto-update in which checking doesn't run, so is less desirable.

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